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XRP Price Prediction in Next 24 Hours

Prediction TypePrice When Prediction MadePredicted ValueChange
Fixed 24 Hour Time Period Prediction $0.3145 (as of 01:30 UTC on 15 Sep 2019) $0.2814 (as of 01:30 UTC on 16 Sep 2019) $-0.0331
24 Hours from Right Now $0.3202 (right now) $0.3217 (24 hours from right now) $0.0015

Notes on above predictions
Firstly, let me start with the obvious disclaimer that the above predictions are not to be construed as financial advice in any way. Secondly, since lines of code can only predict prices based on past data, such predictions will always miss sudden moves up or down that are based on news or whales buying/dumping. In fact, given that anything can happen at anytime, I believe you really can't look much more than 24 hours ahead, and that predictions should really be based on a price within the last 24 hours (looking at that price 24 hours ahead), or even better, base a prediction on the current price right now (and look 24 hours ahead from right now). These predictions are quite mechanical in nature, and as we know, markets tend to be a lot more random than merely looking at past performance. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how accurate these predictions will be over time - in fact, you can view past predictions here.

With all that said, what are the predictions based on? The formula looks at the following data sets:-It takes the above categories of data, and whisks them around a bit to come up with a percentage value. That percentage value represents the difference between the price being compared and the new price (therefore, the percentage value creates the new predicted price). This is only for fun!