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Latest updates regarding XRP and Binance

Latest updates regarding XRP and Binance

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reddit posted 4 hrs 15 mins ago in Breanne Madigan - OECD
Exchanges actually employ market makers, pretty sure I read that Binance and Ocean Ex do it, basically every professional exchange out there. They provide liquidity
reddit posted 6 hrs 57 mins ago in Charting the course of XRP
@Julian_Williams I always wonder what your weather is like on days I see you post. I expect it's very nice right now. Still pretty hot here, but you can see the change in the light, which is the first sign of some eventual fall weather. What I see now........ is an alt coin market waking up. In my personal portfolio it started with KCS, which is up nearly 20% for the week. It turned up around the first of September, as did my Nexo. With the Binance fiasco coming to a close for US hodlrs, it looks like TRX is also now turning up, as of September 12. As I hoped it might (said so in Eric's thread, if you might recall.) Certain coins that might be considered "fashionable" like ATOM and MOF are having big runs. Not suggesting anyone chase them, but it's a sign of a changing zeitgeist, imho. XRP is just getting bought in proportion (along with everything else) , but imho this is something to be watched as a possible reversal. Unless we have some kind of game changing news, it will be a slog back to the previous intermediate highs in the fifty to sixty cent area...but this might be the start of that. Since the greening is broad across the whole space, I think it's likely. Nothing wrong with being committed because the fundamentals are there. I'm with you on that. I am still down 20% on my XRP "full bag" after making some portfolio adjustments, but I bought XRP before and after the little spike.....but wouldn't mind another month or two of low XRP prices to make getting back to where I want to be a little easier. Also buying Nexo this week. I have a goal on my position size there, and have a ways to go to get there. Considering a few small trades on some of these high flyers, but it won't be big bucks, if I do. Of all my hodls, VET is actually the most frustrating right now....more so than XRP. I expect it to turn soon, though. Like within a week,

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